Whether preparing and notarising sale and purchase agreements relating to houses, plots of land or apartments, real estate transfers to another person (anticipated succession), divestiture agreements or developer contracts – we have a wealth of experience in real estate law.


Alongside the notarial advisory services for the granting and cancelling of hereditary building rights, land charges, easements and any other encumbrances, we are regularly involved in the certification and execution of real property transactions of all sizes.


Further, we have particular expertise in the area of corporate and company law – as a focus of our advisory services. We advise small, medium and large companies in all procedures that require notarial services, particularly the certification of share purchase contracts and share pledge agreements, measures under the Reorganisation of Companies Act (e.g. mergers, divisions, changes of form), enterprise agreements (e.g. domination and profit and loss pooling agreements) as well as articles, increases in capital, appointments and removals of authorised representatives, board and supervisory board members and managing directors / chief executive officers as well as the liquidation of companies of any legal form. We do also assist clients in the preparation and the filing of commercial register applications of all kind.